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Kodiak GPS Wi-Fi Drone with HD Camera
Kodiak GPS Wi-Fi Drone with HD CameraKodiak GPS Wi-Fi Drone with HD CameraKodiak GPS Wi-Fi Drone with HD CameraKodiak GPS Wi-Fi Drone with HD Camera

Live streams and shoots hi-def photo and video with a built-in, 1080p camera on the front and a 720p camera on the bottom.

Fly Kodiak GPS Wi-Fi Drone with HD Camera using the 2.4 Gig remote control and with our free downloadable app, you can stream live video of your flight, recording it as video and still photos simultaneously and on command. In addition, Kodiak features and extended video range of up to 650 feet. 

Motion sensitive auto-stabilizers provide rock solid control and precision in flight. Kodiak is easy to maneuver expertly and pilots of all skill levels can choose the performance mode that is right for them. Kodiak features an on-board altitude sensor which provides auto launch and land functionality making easier than ever to fly. Kodiak’s motors are brushless meaning they are quieter and last longer than other motors. Plus, Kodiak features GPS allowing it to follow you, return home with the touch of a button, create virtual perimeters, and maintain altitude.

Drone & Remote Features

  • GPS: return home, hold & hover, geo-fencing, low battery return, follow me, orbit, waypoint 
  • Auto launch and land with altitude sensor 
  • Brushless motors 
  • 6-axis motion sensitive auto stabilizers 
  • Maneuvers up/down, forward, backward, right/left, and side to side 
  • Two performance modes – beginner & advanced 
  • Optical positioning sensor included 
  • Crash-resistant materials 
  • Measures 9.5”W (includes blades)


Kodiak GPS™ Battery
Kodiak GPS™ Motor Set
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