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Safety First


The FAA regulates that unmanned aerial vehicles must be flown at an altitude of 400ft ore less.

Stick to wide open areas with no people animals, or objects. for larger drones and helicopters, make sure there is at least 100 feet of clear space around you.

Fly on calm days, avoid wind, rain and any oher elements that may cause you to lose control of the drone or helicopter.

Practice Makes Perfect

Practice hovering, turning banking and other maneuvers at a safe managable distance.

Make sure batteries are fully charged and remotes have fresh batteries.

Check units to make sure blades, blade guards and landing gear are intact and are in good working order.

Pay Attention

Make sure the drone or helicopter is always in your line of sight.

Never fly the drone or helicopter under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Pay attention to the battery indicator on the remote.

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