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Drone FPV VR Headset
Drone FPV VR Headset

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    Virtual reality just went from dream to reality! Drone FPV VR Headset puts 360-degree virtual reality within everyone's reach. These glasses are made with aspherical lenses which can be adjusted for better viewing. An adjustable head strap and padding around the eyes allow for hours of FPV, virtual reality and 3D movies. 

    Not just for drones, you also can:

    - Watch movies, play games anywhere. Even at the beach.
    - Experience virtual reality and 3D
    - Two-way adjustable lenses for focus and eye alignment
    - Like your own private, portable screening room
    - Adjustable headstrap
    - Padded around the eyes for a comfortable viewing
    - Fits smartphones measuring 4.7”-6”L
    - Fits with most phones including Apple iPhone*, Samsung Galaxy, & Google Android




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